Paperback simulation

Paste your whole novel into this file to print out on a desktop printer. You will see your book as if it were double page spreads in a paperback.

paperback simulation

Paperback simulation
You can edit your book in its typed form, but the pages don’t look like a paperback.
If you cut and paste all your text into this Word docx it will have the appearance of double page spreads from a paperback.
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This document has Styles pre-set for a paperback.

1 – Click on a paragraph (or several paragraphs).
2 – Open the Styles Pane (Home tab, then near the right hand end of the ribbon).
3 – Click on the style you require  (01 Chapter Head, 02 text full out or 03 text indented).

You can paste your whole novel into this template. Select all your text, choose ’03 text indented’. After that you only need to change the chapter heads and initial full-out paragraphs. Remember to select ‘landscape’ when you print. Before each Chapter head, place your curser and choose: Insert>Break>New Column.