20th April 2024 – results of this year’s competition

First Prize
I Should Have Held Him – David Longstaff 

Second Prize
Something in the Air – Julian Fuller

Joint Third Prize
Marigold –  Kenneth Havey
Russian Doll – Elizabeth Jane Andreoli

Local Writer’s Prize
Empty Jar  – Sophie Petrie 

In the anthology (but in no particular order)
Finishing Each Other’s Sandwiches  – Rebecca Dyer 
Bread and Circuses – Tony Oswick 
Serengeti – Maureen Cullen 
Casting Off  – Josie Turner
The Delusion of Lady Somersby – Colin Z Smith
The Plagues of Egypt – Kenneth Havey 
Dance the Pain Away  – June O’Sullivan
Greyhound from Gilead – Matthew Llewelyn
Epitaph – Kim Bigelow
As Jehovah is My Witness Mary Francis
Venus and Me – Clare Reddaway
Head Trauma – Rob Waft
He’ll Get You in the End – Patricia Good 
Forbidden Ground – Bruce Harris 
Shifting Sands – Martin Phillips 
Strange Harvest-  Elizabeth Jane Andreoli 
Stop Gap Woman – Christine Tennent
The Value of Continued Effort –  Mike Murray 
The Lost Wish –  Stevie Almer 
Smoke Signals  – Julian Fuller 
Last Christmas –  Chris Sewart 
Circumstance and Consequence – Philip Gibson
Risk Assessment – Rosalyn Huxley
When the earth was flat – Gerry Weber
Anticastellationist –  Peter Hankins  
Entrepreneur –  Jack Dowd 
The Church of Janice – Bruce Aiken 
Vicious – David Missen 
The Constance Grey – Jaci Gooding 
Old Jimmy – D W Pryke

20th April 2024 – book cover design
Provisional cover design for this year’s anthology. We have kept to the theme of trees as our village is in the heart of the countryside, and the new crop of leaves emerging each spring is reflected in the new collection of stories.

16th April 2024 – Long listed stories for 2024
The judging is well under way for 2024, and we now have our long list. Congratulations to all who made it to the last 48 stories. These will all be discussed once more by our judges and a decision on the final 35 stories will be made soon. They are shown here in no particular order.

A House filled with light  – Glynis Gertsch
 When the earth was flat – Gerry Weber
 Empty Jar  – Sophie Petrie
 Forbidden Ground – Bruce Harris
 Casting Off  – Josie Turner
 A Trick of the Light – Julian Fuller
 The Absinthe Drinker and the King  – Emily White
 The Delusion of Lady Somersby – Colin Z Smith
 Strange Harvest-  Elizabeth Jane Andreoli
 I Should Have Held Him – David Longstaff
 Water Cure – Amanda Saint
 Marigold –  Kennth Havey
 The Plagues of Egypt – Kenneth Havey
 Greyhound from Gilead – Matthew Llewellyn
 Something in the Air – Julian Fuller
 Smoke Signals  – Julian Fuller
 Russian Doll – Elizabeth Jane Andreoli
 Serengeti – Maureen Cullen
 The Art of Letting Go  – Fiona Dignan
 Finishing Each Other’s Sandwiches  – Rebecca Dyer
 Stop Gap Woman – Christine Tennent
 The Lost Wish –  Stevie Almer
 Circumstance and Consequence – Philip Gibson
 Off the Beaten Track –  Rebecca Dyer
 The Peeping Moon – June O’Sullivan
 Dance the Pain Away  – June O’Sullivan
 Bread and Circuses – Tony Oswick
 Epiphany – Peter Jones
 Shifting Sands – Martin Phillips
 Old Jimmy – D W Pryce
 The Value of Continued Effort –  Mike Murray
 Entrepreneur –  Jack Dowd
 As Jehovah is My Witness Mary Francis
Talking Things Through –  David Smith
Vicious – David Missen
Last Christmas –  Chris Sewart
Risk Assessment – Rosalyn Huxley
He’ll Get You in the End – Patricia Good
Head Trauma – Rob Waft
Anticastellationist –  Peter Hankins
The Constance Grey – Jaci Gooding
Making a Point – Denarii Peters
The Church of Janice – Bruce Aiken
The Exhibition of Flying Machines  – Paul B Cohen
The Strange Disappearance … – John Countanche
Venus and Me – Clare Reddaway
The Swimming Pool Deal – Stephanie Percival
Epitaph by Kim A Bigelow