Word template for paperbacks

Paste your complete novel into this template, use the style sheets, and you are ready to save as PDF for production.

B Format paperback

Book template in Word
As anyone who has browsed their own paperback collection will realise, there are many formats for paperbacks. But there is one size which is recognised worldwide, although not always offered as a primary option by print-on-demand suppliers. Paste your complete novel into this template and you are ready to save as PDF for production as a B-Format novel.
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The two main paperback templates in the publishing world are:

A Format = 7″x 4.375″ or 178 x 111 mm
B Format = 7.75″x 5.125″ or 198 x 129 mm
(there are many others)

An A-Format paperback will generally be fiction aimed at a broad or genre market with B-Format being seen as somewhat more up-market, used for more serious non-fiction or more ‘literary’ fiction titles. I would always favour the B Format as it ‘feels’ right to me.

To use: Highlight everything from Chapter 1 in this word.docx and paste in your entire text. The prelim pages are set up as a separate section, so the first page of your text will be page 1. Remember, always have an even number of pages before page 1, so that it falls on the right hand side.

This document, has Styles pre-set for a paperback.

1 – Click on a paragraph (or several paragraphs).
2 – Open the Styles Pane (Home tab, then near the right hand end of the ribbon)
3 – Click on the style you require  (01 Chapter Head, 02 text full out or 03 text indented)

Select a passage of text and choose ’03 text indented’. After that you only need to change the chapter heads and initial full-out paragraphs. The ’01 Chapter head’ Style is set to start a new page – so you don’t need lots of ‘returns’ to achieve that.